Visiting Artist Claude Buckley Works With 5th Grade

Internationally known artist, Claude Buckley, worked with our 5th grade classes on their Integrated Arts project, Spain: Exploring the Mysterious Coast. This project is a cross-curricular collaboration with the study of early explorers in the 5th grade history classes. The 5th grade students worked with Mr. Buckley over several visits to paint a hanging mural to be installed in the atrium of the Nord Intermediate/Middle School building. Mr. Buckley instructed the students on how to organize and paint such a large piece of work as this mural. Students learned about mixing colors and brush stroke techniques. The project was an excellent opportunity for the students to grow as artists and to connect their work to the content they were learning in their history class. Students thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and have taken significant pride in the mural that will represent the Class of 2020 in the Intermediate/Middle School.

Muralist and well known portrait artist, Mr. Buckley was born in Spain and was the first American to paint the King of Spain. His art decorates public and private spaces in North, Central, and South America and Europe. You may also find his pieces in the U. S. Court of Appeals in Washington, DC, the Milliken Headquarters in Spartanburg, SC, and various other locations in South Carolina and Tennessee.