Kindergarten Students Share the Christmas Story

A beloved tradition for 27 years, the Kindergarten Christmas Play evokes the true spirit of the season! Each year, our kindergarteners tell the Christmas story playing the roles of Mary, Joseph, angels, shepherds -- and even the sheep, donkeys, cows, and doves -- while singing traditional carols. Drummer boys, wise men, and children from around the world visit the manger to pay homage to the newborn King. Because kindergarteners for many years have been participating in this dramatic production, many alumni look back on this event as a milestone along their Heathwood journey. For parents, the play is an emotional moment, watching their children step on stage and perform such a meaningful story. The spirit of Christmas is easily felt when watching our little children share the Christmas story for all to hear.

The kindergarten students also perform the Christmas Play for our Lower School students. The older students love seeing the play each year, recalling fond memories of when they shared the same story on the same stage. Every year some available faculty and staff make their way to the auditorium to watch the play to add some Christmas joy into their busy days. Mr. Cherry was heard saying that the Kindergarten Play is a special part of his Christmas preparations each year (and he has been videotaping the show for many years now).