Fourth Graders "Dig-It" In Latest Musical Performance

The fourth-graders were a hit as they presented their class musical, Dig-It on October 20th and 21st in the Smith-Shirley auditorium.

Parents and students traveled back in time with archeologists Taki, Tiki, and Tut and their fossil friend, Lucy, as they explored the wonders of ancient civilizations. Beginning with the farm laborers of early Mesopotamia, the show took its audience on a trek through Egypt, China, Greece, and Rome, uncovering archeological mysteries of the past before ending with a salute to the future.

Songs included So Long Ago, The Land Between Two Rivers, In My Tomb, Empires of the East, Greece Is The Word, Toga Party, and Here's To The Future.

Dig-It was directed by Barbara Bryan and starred the entire fourth grade!