Fourth Grade Presents Musical

Our fourth grade presented the musical "The U.S. Constitution – Reviver: Philadelphia" on October 13-14. Borrowing ideas from the TV series "Survivor," the play is about a television program that has revived life in Philadelphia in 1787. Students enjoyed learning about the founding fathers and the U.S. Constitution in their final stage production as Lower School students.

Directed by the talented Barbara Bryan, cast members donned white wigs and knee breeches to play the roles of Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and other members of the Continental Congress and debate the issues of the time through song and dance. The play began with the demise of the Articles of Confederation and traced the events that led to the ratification of the Constitution. Songs included, "We're Gonna Write Us a Constitution," "Ratified" and "Judicial Review."

"The experience was a testament to the philosophy of learning by doing," said Lower School Head Margaret Jones.

Members of the Parent-School Alliance treated the young actors to a wonderful patriotic cast party following the opening performance.

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